PyBossa appoints new Community Manager

James Doherty interviews Clara Sánchez-Puga, PyBossa's newly appointed Community Manager

23 November 2014

Cover photo by Ian Sane

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You’ve been appointed PyBossa’s new Community Manager, how do you feel?

I FEEL TERRIFIED! No, seriously, I feel very happy… and slightly terrified. I think it’s a really interesting project and that the role will be very challenging. I know I’m going to learn a lot – which I love.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Mallorca but my family is from Galicia in Northern Spain. I came to Madrid to study and somehow ended up having a life here – it’s a great city!

What do you love in life?

Let me see… I sing and play guitar in a rock duo called His Majesty the King. I love to cook and make pies, stews and roasts. And then I love to eat them. I love beer. I became a mum almost six months ago and that is the best thing I have ever done in my life. EVER!

Tell me about your career to date?

I have degrees in Advertising and Communications and I’m currently studying for a Masters in Digital Products Design and User Experience. I have worked for advertising agencies – such as Havas Media, Young & Rubicam, and some smaller agencies – as well as for some TV channels. But I’ve grown disenchanted with advertising and want to move into a field I can feel passionate about.

How did you find PyBossa?

In fact, PyBossa found me! I confess I hadn’t heard of the platform earlier this year but a friend put Daniel (PyBossa’s CEO) and I in touch. As soon as I found out more about the PyBossa and Crowdcrafting, I fell for them and thought that the Community Manger role was a great chance to love what I do for a living again. I honestly feel very lucky to have become a part of the team :)

What is your favourite Crowdcrafting project?

Tigafotos and the Lichens. From my non-scientific perspective, I see them as really fun games. I like the way you have to classify the pictures – it’s addictive. They’re my ‘not-wasting-my-time’ Candy Crush.


Photo by Sanofi Pasteur Yup, that's a tiger mosquito.

What will your role involve?

I’m officially PyBossa/Crowdcrafting’s Community Manager, so a big part of my role will be building a community of volunteers. But I know I will also take part in managing events in Madrid and managing the Spanish press, so I also feel like a PR person.

Are you worried about working with five geeky boys?

Not the fact that they’re all boys – my last team was 6 guys and me! – but because they’re geeky I’m afraid I might get a little lost sometimes. This is probably the part of the job I’m most nervous about but it’s also why it’s so exciting and challenging. I’ve also made a decision: eventually, I will learn to code :)

What will be your first task?

Well, I’m trying to sneak PyBossa/Crowdcrafting into a prime time TV show here in Spain – hopefully you’ll be hearing more about this soon…

What are you most excited about?

I think Crowdcrafting has the potential to become something BIG. My purpose is to get people like me, who are not part of the science community, to discover Crowdcrafting and become collaborators. It’s like Dr Frankenstein giving life to his creature, MWAHAHA! (thunder).


Photo by Clara Sánchez-Puga PyBossa's very own Dr Frankenstein.

Thanks for interviewing me James!

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