A timeline of our most significant milestones...

Aug 2011

Birth of PYBOSSA software at Capetown´s hackathon (SA). The aim is to provide an open source solution for data analysis to everyone.

Dec 2012

PYBOSSA software utilised in the aftermath of Typhoon Pablo in the Philippines, as reported by National Geographic.

Aug 2013

CERN uses PYBOSSA to study antimatter.

Sep 2013

Daniel Lombraña is awarded the Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship to further develop PYBOSSA and Crowdcrafting.

Jan 2014

The British Museum uses PYBOSSA to create Micropasts, the world’s first citizen archeology platform.

Aug 2014

NASA, ESA and Fox News report on our Cities at Night project, prompting tens of thousands of volunteer contributions.

Dec 2014

PYBOSSA-hosted service Crowdcrafting wins the Nominet Trust 100 Award for using technology to change the world for the better.

March 2015

Scifabric is born, registered and incorporated in the UK.

Jun 2015

Scifabric is voted Best Start-up at the Zinc Shower Festival by Sonar+D.

Jul 2015

The British Library uses PYBOSSA to gain greater access to both their physical and digital collections.

Sep 2015

Open Oil uses PYBOSSA to increase transparency in the oil industry.

Feb 2016

The Guardian Australia uses PYBOSSA to reveal political misdemeanours.

March 2016

Cancer Research UK uses PYBOSSA allowing thousands of people worldwide to help scientists detect cancer cells with 90% accuracy.

Apr 2016

Scifabric is given an Honorary Mention by Prix Ars Electronica.

Sep 2016

Global Fishing Watch utilises our PYBOSSA technology to make the fishing industry more transparent.

Jun 2017

Crowdcrafting's biggest project, Cities at Night, is completed with all HD images from the International Space Station from 2001-2015 analysed: 192,000 completed tasks with 1.3 million answers collected.


We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but,
then again, we are fabulous. Here’s why...

Our team has a new way of thinking, experimenting and working. We are not scared of failure, because we believe it’s only learning. Trying again, improving, getting better and finally delivering the best possible products and projects to our clients is what keeps us going.

We hail from a broad range of disciplines from Science to UX/UI design, and we are ready for any challenge! TRY US. WE DARE YOU... in a nice way.

Daniel Lombraña

Founder & CEO

Daniel is our boss. A computer engineer with a PhD in parallel genetic programming on volunteer desktop grids. He is also a senior researcher at the Citizen Cyberlab and an alumni of the Shuttleworth Foundation.

Marvin Reimer

Senior Developer

Marvin is a computer engineer and system administrator for GNU/Linux systems. He is our senior developer, so that means he develops PYBOSSA software and manages the infrastructure of Crowdcrafting. In other words, this wouldn't be up without him.

Virginia Tejada

Head of UX/UI

Virginia is our lead designer. She has over 12 years experience in digital products. She is passionate about identifying problems and turning them into intuitive interfaces. Non stop learning is what keeps her alive and motivated... combined with good music, good food, family, friends, traveling, art, photography… and avocado on toast.

Nick Nicklen

Head of rainbows & unicorns

Nick is our lovely leopard seal mascot. You might have heard that leopard seals are solitary, aggressive animals that like to eat emperor penguins. WHAT?! Our Nick is all kindness and joy. He likes helping out and loves science! He does eat penguins though...