Data at its best

Scifabric develops easy-to-use technologies to collect, analyse and enrich (your) data with the crowd.


We have provided assistance in the aftermath of humanitarian disasters, like Typhoon Pablo in the Philippines

We have helped stop
Malaria from spreading in Africa

We have taken part
in cancer research

We have analyzed oil contracts between
Governments and major companies

We have checked accessibility
on European streets

We have flown to space
to study light pollution

We have recovered a huge set of
archaeological findings of the Bronze Age

We have measured
air quality

We have studied
the gravity of antimatter

We have tracked
tiger mosquitos

We have detected illegal and potentially
dangerous parking across Europe

We have categorized old films
and tagged them digitally

We have revealed political
misdemeanours in Australia

We have classified
non gluten free products

We have integrated our technology
with Raspberry Pi for educational purposes

We develop the best available technology

that allows users to enrich and analyse their data in a transparent and easy way.

Ours technology is stable

widely used by the international community for crowdsourcing research.

So, if you have data to analyse and think the crowd can help, we will make your idea happen ensuring you achieve your goal!


Projects that make us proud

Cities at Night

A research project on the Crowdcrafting platform that aims to monitor light emitted by major cities around the world and raise awareness of light pollution.

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A PYBOSSA project that explores the use of crowdsourcing in archaeological research and has produced the world's largest public database of the Bronze Age artefacts.

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Cancer Research UK's PYBOSSA-powered tool has allowed thousands of people worldwide to help scientists spot cancer cells and accelerate research with 90% accuracy.

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Scifabric's collaborators & fans

The British Museum
The Guardian
University Complutense of Madrid
University College of London
Open Knowledge
Alfred P. Sloan
Unitated Nations UNOSAT
British Library
Nominet Trust
Citizen Cyberscience Centre
One Foundation
National Library of Israel


Nora McGregor Portrait

Nora McGregor

British Library

"We chose to build our crowdsourcing project with PYBOSSA because it provided the flexibility to create and easily integrate our own custom plugins."

Jesse von Doom Portrait

Jesse von Doom

CASH Music

"We're social animals — we understand the power of a crowd. Scifabric makes that accessible to everyone, every project, everywhere."

Chiara Bonacchi Portrait

Chiara Bonacchi


"Thanks to PYBOSSA we've been able to change the process of conducting research in archaeology thanks to the crowd and an innovative blending of computational archaeology and public archaeology practice."

Esra'a Al Shafei Portrait

Esra'a Al Shafei


"Few companies understand the impact and power of collective wisdom better than Scifabric, whose projects continue to amaze me."

Sean Bonner Portrait

Sean Bonner


"I absolutely love how Scifabric weaves people together creating platforms and projects more powerful than any could have imagined on their own."

Daniel Pett Portrait

Daniel Pett

British Museum

"The PYBOSSA system has allowed the British Museum to release an amazing resource to the public and worldwide audience."

Seamus Kraft Portrait

Seamus Kraft

The OpenGov Foundation

"Human progress only happens when people collaborate. Crowdcrafting makes progress possible with a brilliant, fun and open-source approach."

Andrew Bevan Portrait

Andrew Bevan

University College of London

"PYBOSSA makes the creation of crowdsourcing projects so much easier and more enjoyable than it would otherwise be starting from scratch."

Jennifer Wexler Portrait

Jennifer Wexler

British Museum

"PYBOSSA has allowed us to recover essential data from the Bronze Age collections at the British Museum. This would have never been possible without the help of SciFabric, enabling us to open up these important collections to the widest public!"

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Crowdcrafting and HTTPS

With the latest release of PYBOSSA (v2.3.7) we have included support for web push notifications. While you can use this feature with non full HTTPS....

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