How it works

Well, that is a bunch of data!

We’ve seen it before. You own tons of raw data, and you know that it can become something really valuable. You may not know exactly what to do with it, or you just don’t know how to do it. Either way, we’re here for you.

Scifabric to the rescue!

We’ll design the project you need, give it a purpose. First things first, Scifabric provides autoimporters for all that data.

It's the crowd's turn!

This is when our open source crowdsourcing framework PYBOSSA gets into action. The crowd will geolocate, transcribe, describe or classify your data. Or as we like to call it, they will ENRICH you data.

Our secret weapon

The statistical analysis is something that you cannot achieve when managing PYBOSSA on your own. This is what adds value to us as a company when developing a project just for you. And all this with our higher standards of security

Data that you can now use!

Flexibility is our second name! Remember that we can develop anything just for you. Do take a look at our projects, see what we’ve been up to and be sure that we can adjust to your very own needs.

Are you ready to ROCK?