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Pricing Plans

We'll tailor a plan to suit your needs


Get basic support and fly solo! 250€/month Contact us
Email within 72h Basic (colors & logo) 15-day stats retention Not Included Shared Public data. Basic security Yes (1, your choice) 1 basic basic


Your project is unique. You know it, we'll build it. Custom price Contact us
SLAs within 24h Full (custom server and look & feel) Full time stats User friendly backend (no code needed) Dedicated / SLA Private data. Only you can download the tasks. Yes (all) SLA / According to needs Full Pro Optional

Support Solutions

If you are using PYBOSSA on your own we offer extra support just in case something breaks.


Create a Support ticket


In order to give you a solution we'll spend a minimum of 2h work. Our aim is to come with a solution as soon and economical as possible.




If you need development help for the implementation we also offer the resources you need. If you have the team fly solo.

Contact us to create a Ticket


Is PYBOSSA free?

It is, indeed, open-source. That means you can use it freely. BUT if you’re looking to create a project that is unique and has the best features in town, Scifabric will add a great value to it, allowing you to achieve things that you cannot get with PYBOSSA only. That is our secret weapon. In any case, be our guest.

Can I have In-House Training

We do offer In-House Training! We bring expert instruction to use PYBOSSA technology and to full manage your Crowdsourcing projects like a pro starting at 3000E / course.

Is the whole UX/UI Design Included?

Not by default, but we offer UX/UI Design services. That can be included on your SLA. OPTIONAL.

For our PRO clients, we also offer UX/UI Design (including text and copy) and full development of templates, APIs and other requirements your project may have. Because we want your project to kick-ass!

Please, get in touch so we can discuss your needs and get to fully understand your project. Besides, we’d love to hear from you!

What are the integrations

Your project can have AMAZON S3, FLICKER, Dropbox, Twitter, Mailchimp, Youtube, Google Spreadsheets, and more, integrated. You can choose one if you’re going BASIC or you will get them all if you’re going PRO.