Python backend developer

SciFabric is looking for a python web developer.

1 December 2015

Post by Daniel Lombraña

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We’re are looking for a Python developer that will like to work with people, easy going and with lots of energy and enthusiasm to learn.

Who we are

Scifabric is a Spanish based company (registered in the UK) that develops easy-to-use technologies to collect, analyse and enrich data with the crowd.

We develop projects for a wide range of industries and institutions all over the world.

What we offer

  • No schedules or timing. We’re grown ups, you handle your own time.
  • No office requirement. You can work from home if you want. Your office is where you live.
  • Work time to learn. You can and you should. Then, explain to the rest of the team.
  • You’ll have your voice. We’re not right all the time, so your point of view will help us to improve.
  • Full access to deployments since day zero. Yes, you can break the company the first day, and it’s fine. But don’t do it twice!

What we want

  • Python developer with experience in web apps. Specially (if possible) with Flask.
  • Some JavaScript.
  • English. Yes, you’ve to speak in English.
  • Easygoing person.
  • Love to work with teams.

If you don’t fully cover all these requirements, don’t worry, send us an email with your CV too. We’ll talk and see if you can be our next developer! (Actually, some of the people that joined us were Ruby on Rails developers and now they hack on Python).

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