What is Scifabric?

A new technology company that develops incredibly versatile tools for collection, analysis and data enrichment using crowd-based methodologies such as citizen science and crowdsourcing.

PYBOSSA is our main product. Creating a PYBOSSA server from scratch can cost up to 500.000 EUR and 7 full time developers. Well, we have that already built and ready for our clients to use it for free.

With us you’ll save time and money

Example, Cities At Night had ~200.000 images to classify, which needed 5 people each, resulting in 1.000.000 tasks. They had 18.000 people helping, using only 2,94 avg secs per task. As a result, in just one month 100.000 images were classified at ZERO EUR.

You will find nothing like our technology out there

With Scifabric you can keep your data private, or make it public. It’s extensible, customisable, allows real time analysis and full text search support via API, and offers a content management system (CMS) along with integrations with importers and hardware, to name a few.

The team

A team with a new way of thinking, experimenting and working, with interests in music, arts and technology.

Daniel Lombraña portrait

Daniel Lombraña
Founder & CEO

Daniel is our boss. A computer engineer with a PhD in parallel genetic programming on volunteer desktop grids. He is also a senior researcher at the Citizen Cyberlab and an alumni of the Shuttleworth Foundation. He does pilates on Tuesdays so has ABS OF STEEL.

Jorge Correa portrait

Jorge Correa
Head of UX/UI

Jorge is our lead designer. He's a pragmatic and handicraft front-end coder with over 15 years of experience.* He helps people make beautiful and meaningful products and services. (* Jaw dropping here, thanks!)

James Doherty portrait

James Doherty

James is Scifabric's communications aficionado. He holds degrees in law and physics, and has completed a research project on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Impressive, huh?

Mar Ramis portrait

Mar Ramis
Chief Business Development Officer

Mar leads the business development side of our company. Graduated in Media Comms, she has worked for companies on both sides of the Atlantic in TV Production, Research, Marketing, Events and International & Distribution Projects. After 11 years in London she recently left the UK to enjoy the mallorcan lifestyle.

Marvin Reimer portrait

Marvin Reimer
Senior Developer

Marvin is a computer engineer and system administrator for GNU/Linux systems. He is our senior developer, so that means he develops PYBOSSA software and manages the infrastructure of Crowdcrafting. In other words, this wouldn't be up without him.

Clara Sánchez-Puga portrait

Clara Sánchez-Puga
Head of Content

Clara Clara is our copywriter. She holds degrees in advertising and media, and a masters in User Experience and Digital Products Design. Most importantly, she sings and plays guitar in a kick-ass rock band and - well - you don't!

Nick Nicklen portrait

Nick Nicklen
Head of rainbows & unicorns

Nick is our lovely leopard seal mascot. You might have heard that leopard seals are solitary, aggressive animals that like to eat emperor penguins. WHAT?! Our Nick is all kindness and joy. He likes helping out and loves science! He does eat penguins though...