Crowdsourcing products and services

PYBOSSA Training

You want to learn how to use PYBOSSA and fly solo?

Starting at 3000€/Course


Forget about server hosting – we'll do the hard work.

Starting at 350€/month


Your project is unique. You know it, we’ll build it.

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Hey teachers!

We have courses on citizen science, volunteer thinking, volunteer sensing and more. Learn to teach your students how to create and participate in crowdsourced projects. Or let us be the teacher for a day!

Teaching Through Crowdsourcing

Students can benefit from participation in crowdsourced projects. Learn how to make the most of this resource.

Starting at 40€/Person

Introduction to Citizen Science

Create a crowdsourced project and enthuse your students about citizen science!

Starting at 40€/person

Introduction to Science

We'll introduce experimentation, the scientific method, hypotheses, observation and analysis. WE'LL MAKE THINGS EXPLODE.

Starting at 20€/person

We're all ears! CONTACT US and let us know what we can do for you.